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Viking HuskyLock S21

Viking HuskyLock S21

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The HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ S21 is innovative at every turn from the inside, and out. It provides innovations focused on ease of use and professional results. Most importantly, it will inspire you to fall in love with the power and capability of a HUSQVARNA VIKING® overlock machine. Just imagine all the possibilities for new creations.

Standard Features 

  • 4, 3, 2 thread sewing – your choice for decorative and utility sewing
  • 21 stitches – You trim, stitch, overcast or embellish a wide variety of fabrics in half the time 
    • Coverstitches – Sew a 3mm, 6mm or triple coverstitch, recommended for active wear or other decorative stitching 
    • Chainstitch – Join fabric layers where a pressed open seam is usually required. Works well as a basting stitch 
    • 4-thread overlock - reinforces, trims fabric, overlock and seams for great results. •
    • 3-thread overlock – narrow and wide overlock, seams, decorative bindings and finishes 
    • 2-thread overlock – narrow and wide overlock seams, flatlock and rolled edge on light weight fabric.
    • Built-in rolled edge – sew 2 or 3-thread rolled hems quickly without changing the presser foot or stitchplate
  • Large sewing space – more space for coverstitch projects
  • Extension Table Included - offers a generous work surface to support large projects
  • Pre-programmed stitch settings – Choose stitch program and the machine automatically sets the thread tension for you
  • Tension release – threads pull easily when presser foot is up
  • Easy threading instructions – step-by-step interactive DVD
  • Easy to change from overlock stitches to coverstitches - no needle plate/presser foot change needed at conversion for different stitches
  • Lay-in tension and color coded thread paths – easy to thread and easy to see Differential feed – eliminates stretching of knit fabrics and puckering on lightweight fabrics. Can also be used for automatic gathering
  • Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure – select best length and fine tune width for sturdy seams and flat smooth stitches on all fabrics
  • EL needles – Industrial type needles for high speed work and perfect stitch result
  • Presser Feet
    • Universal Standard presser foot – can be used with all built-in stitches
    • Snap-on presser feet – easy to change to optional feet for specialty techniques
    • Optional feet – a wide range of optional accessories to enhance your sewing results Extra presser foot height – to easily sew several layers or heavy fabrics
  • Speed
    • Sews 1100 stitches per minute – sew faster, save time.
    • 2 sewing speeds (on foot control) – When you want more control use the slower speed Electronic piercing Power – stitch-by-stitch control with full piercing power at all speeds Safety switch – the machine will not sew when the front cover is open
  • Movable upper cutter – disengage the cutter for special techniques
  • Built in two thread converter – Easy conversion to 2-thread stitches
  • Thread cutter – quick cutting of thread
  • Ruler – use for quick measurement
  • Built in extended carrying handle – move the machine without tangling the threads
  • Waste tray – catches the scraps and threads

Standard Accessories

  • Accessory box
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife blade (for upper cutter)
  • Thread unreeling discs (4)
  • Thread spool nets (4)
  • Oiler
  • Allen key
  • Tweezers
  • Lint brush
  • Cone holders (4)
  • Coverstitch table/Cutter cover C (for Cover/Chainstitch)
  • Needle threader
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